Website Retrofit – Ready to Launch!

Just as the original Star Trek: The Motion Picture showed the world the new retrofit on the 1701 Enterprise, we are here to show you the new website for the ship and crew of the USS Balthasar!

As Chief Engineer for the ship I was tasked with trying to find ways to improve and upgrade our web presence while also saving the group overhead to make sure that more of your donations go to the groups and children in need. With that I give you Website NCC-08-A!

There are now a number of features to explore. First off we invite you to read the newest Welcome Letter from our Captain, Bob Van Tuinen. After that we feature our Status Report which is our blog where we will post recent news and updates as events and items arise such as the release of our newest Charity Cosplay Calendars.

In addition to that we have added a page dedicated to our Mission Logs. This is where we will post general pictures from past events we attended or worked at, fundraisers, and other assorted fun we had as a group while raising money for charity.

One of the most exciting new additions is access to all back issues of our quarterly newsletter the Balthasar Backstage. You will have access to read and download ALL issues as they come out digitally in order to stay informed with the happenings and goings-on of the ship and her crew.

There are more items in the works as we continue to retrofit this page such as a page dedicated to the crew manifest so you can get to know everyone involved and how to donate along with what rewards you can earn for doing so.

So please make sure to follow and check in with us often and follow our Facebook page for new events and pictures as often as we have them. For now though I am happy to say, in the words of the great Captain Jean-Luc Picard:

Published by William H.

Photographer, Artist, Activist. Living in Patterson CA.

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